Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pork Roast at the Morrisons

My beloved sister had my flatmate and I around for a pork roast, along with niece Magda, who WAS our flatmate, on Monday last. What a great winter meal, and how nice to be with my two nieces and nephew for the night.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Okay I'm going ahead with these

I've decided at last to just run with these. . . going to leave it a choice of pink, blue, green or orange background depending on my mood, and get some cards printed. Hope you approve.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Here it is, I HOPE

Um NO, that's not it

Can't see the pics before I actually publish, so NO that's NOT the logo. Will put it up when I can get it working.

Wild Line Design

I'm doing this Small Business Course at the moment, to get myself up and running as a Sole Trader. I just found out I can't use my favourite INKLINGS name, because some marketing company in Whangarei are using INKLING LTD, so all my website and logo etc are no good. Sigh.

So, I'm working on a new name and logo, and so far got this. What do you think? It goes with the subject of my dissertation, on the Wild Line in NZ Illustration, but more than that, it also says design, and that there's a wild line in there somewhere. Still working on the logo, but I thought I'd keep you posted on the progress and get some votes for each one. This is todays.


Friday, August 18, 2006

Let's take an early morning walk together

Okay, let's wander out my front door at 6.50am and start walking. . . I always greet the Lord first and as I do, I can see the growing dawn ahead of me above the rooftops. This is what I saw first though. What precision. . .what pattern. . . what design.

The street draws me on, around its curves and through the mist, and I thought of how we now look in a glass dimly but then shall see him face to face.

Looking back at our house with the soft light playing on the foggy shape of it. The Rhodadendron tree from next door overshadowing it with splendour

And then I turn and see this lovely blossom tree, and a close observation of the blooms sends thrills through me. After the winter, there is the growth and freshness of Spring. His mercies are new every morning.

Seeeee. . . .

And this Early Cheer with its nodding head ready to lift to the sun. Aw, so beautiful.

But my favourite has to be Magnificent Magnolias. There's just something about a magnolia, the way it bursts forth in WINTER when all is so cold and cheerless, and all of the magnolias energies and life are poured into these glorious blooms that reach high and are so very sumptious. Ah, for that inner life.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm SOOOOO on line! So wired. . .

What can I say? There's nothing like a NEW cellphone that actually lets me have ALL my calls without deciding which ones to give me. Okay, so it's not ringing a lot, but hey, it can send pics, and it can do all sorts of fancy things I haven't worked out yet, and most importantly, it's RIGHT THERE if I should get any calls for work. Do I look happy? I am.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Peter's birfday. . .

Just finished celebrating a lovely weekend with Peter up from Ngaroto Nurseries to celebrate his 46th birthday in style. Here's the dinner table last night. . .

Did I say that flowers and gardens were the theme of the evening, in keeping with Peter's work as a nurseryman. . .

Peter and I getting into the spirit of his floral occasion.

John and Naomi came laden with their wonderful bright personalities. . .

And Gord and Cath made a colourful pair on our couch. . .

This is Cath and I enjoying the predinner nibbles and good conversation.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Daffodil tree

It's true! Daffodils DO grow on trees. I went up to this one on my porch and tugged at it, because I thought my nieces had been fiddling around dropping daffodils into it to trick me, and it was attached. Well, alright, it had to struggle up through the entire gardenia bush, but hey, I think it was a creative daffodil and deserves a photo. Roll on Spring.
Here is another one of both the daffodil tree and me in my new studio, which you will see I still am keen about. AND I don't have much else to photograph these days, so you see another version a few days later. Forgive me.