Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wet and Windy at a West Coast Beach

Getting stir crazy - stuck inside all day yesterday because of winds and rain, and when it cleared even slightly this morning, Helen and I struck out for Piha - 40 mins away - to blow the cobwebs away.
Cresting the hill, the blue skies came out, and we set forth past Lion Rock along the soft hard-to-walk-on iron sand.
Tolkien landscape further in.
Shiny, almost purple, iron sand by my foot.
Sister's profile.
Lots of surfers, like crows, dotting the water.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We've been looking at, and drinking from, the River lately. The one that flows from the throne, full of love, purity, cleansing, holiness - the real River, the one from which all the others are modeled.
We met this morning, down at the Boyd's house, for fifteen minutes, at 6.15am. I was surprised at how dry I was upon waking and the difficulty just getting down there, and again, surprised at what a difference it made to sit with other believers and just love Him. Just gaze on Him. I came away refreshed and as if 'stuff' I'd struggled with all night had been washed off (a bit any way). It truly makes me aware that what seems so small and insignificant to us, often is just the reverse in invisible realms.
Sometimes as small and simple as calling on His name during the day, like now, "Lord", and knowing His immediate response.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

BBQ last Wednesday

Things are going by in a whirl these days, but occasionally punctuated by very pleasant social occasion like this that we had at the Duncans place last Wednesday - Waitangi Day.
Gordon and Cathy are having extensive renovations done to their front area and the visitors had to arrive over planks and up makeshift bridges.
Gordon and Cathy and the book of quotes and questions. . .
Naomi and John sitting eagerly anticipating dessert
. . . and John didn't want me to be sitting alone in my photo. . . hence the grimace on my face.