Monday, September 14, 2009

Various Spring Things

Ah, these lovely brisk Spring days - it seemed a very sudden change this year - from hibernation mode, reading books in bed, sleeping in late listening to the rain on the window, watching movies. . . to suddenly feeling the need to s-p-r-i-n-g out of bed and get on the bike and simply go somewhere. The last two weekends have been all about that - rain or shine.
I love this photo of Helen and Dad hard at it on the ukeleles last night. I wasn't there, but I heard all about it. Dad's face may not show much emotion, but believe me, he'll be feeling THRILLED.
Er, and this is what I SHOULD be doing now that it's Spring. Sigh. Way - I mean WAY - down on the list. Well after biking, sewing, entertaining, houseworking, reading. . . watch this space. I'll put another pic up when this changes.