Sunday, September 30, 2007


And in the search for a good coffee at home, I have been into TradeMe (read 'Ebay' you Americans), and purchased this delightful machine which I hope will make me the sort of coffee you see at the top of this page. It's SO important how you start the day!
. . . and if you live close enough to me to benefit from one of those cups of flat white, or latte, and know where I live, then please, this is your invitation to turn up and ask for one.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Springtime at Mt Pirongia

Well, it's been three months since I last left the city!!!! With great joy I departed on Friday for Te Awamutu, and the nearby Mt Pirongia Craft Festival on Saturday. Peter was able to get the day off and come too, so we enjoyed the whole day doing the various markets, and then the Hamilton gardens and art gallery.
The blossoms at the nursery were in full bloom. . .
here we are enjoying a coffee during the crowded wander through the main street of Pirongia.

. . . and handy mirror and I took our photo on an angle
some pottery seagulls that caught my eye.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Early morning walk again - go on, come with us!

This year I've been doing an hour-long walk with Jan at 6.30. It's time you took the walk with us. And just prior to daylight saving, it's quite light at that time. I wait on the corner and soon see the shape and colour of Jan making her way up from the end of the cul-de-sac.
Nice foggy morning today, so added a romantic light to common everyday objects and scenes. . .
the camellias and rhodadendrons out in full bloom. . .
and even one of our favourite cafes was starting to open its doors. . .
we crossed the main road and got down to the good stuff. The sun fiercely trying shine through thick fog. . .
. . . can't see the city through the low cloud
Ah, but in this direction, the path is clear, and UP
still, a lovely pastel light on the hidden city and harbour. . .
. . . hilarious sight of tall thin jogger, and squat short dog attempting to keep up, heading past us. . . down the hill again toward the fog
and then our eyelashes and hair heavy with water drops as we negotiate mysterious paths

and the happy sight of my home ahead of me, and the bush of birds-of-paradise that trumpets our triumphant return.

The Boyd's HOLE

Now I have to get this hole business in here, it's taken up so much of Jan's mind of late. They are getting the drainage system sorted for their end of the street by allowing the council to dig deep in their section to replace some much needed piping. Jan has been absorbed by the sheer size of the operation. Here she is in her favourite place:
And here are the men trying to work. . .
and the pipe on it's way toward the hole. . .
and Jan and I and the HOLE. . .
and finally, last but by far least, the HOLE

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dad's 80th at last!

We had Dad's birthday bbq at Helen's yesterday, with over 20 of the whanau present to celebrate. Three special guests were Phil and William over from California, and Uncle Murray, Dad's younger brother up from Waihi for the occasion.
Dad prepares to blow out birthday cake - poppyseed and orange with 8 candles.
Here we all are, except Jemma who was working, and Chris, Steve's youngest son.
A group in Helen's kitchen.
Helen holds the music for the item.
We were glad it was a dry day, and the overcast skies for much of it, saved our skins!
the four siblings in order of height, and dare I say, size.
Phil sang two of Dad's favourites, with a bit of help from us at times: You are my sunshine, and 'Fields of Gold' by Sting.
Even Helen Clark was present.
Two sets of brothers and Mum.