Monday, September 17, 2012

Christchurch visit post earthquakes

 Here's a mural of my impressions of my friend Meg's new house in Christchurch. It was stunning, and beautifully designed of course, and her artwork on display in strategic spots. I got to stay in Jack's room, with its designer pillowcases and duvet cover. Delicious - top right. Lovely spaces, and so much more room than I presently enjoy, but I sure enjoyed it fully for the three days I was here.
 I LOVE blue flowers, and these little charmers graced the pathway up to a cottage style linen and giftware shop in Oxford, which is an hour out of Christchurch. It was also (below) where we stopped for lunch at Jo Seagar's restaurant.
 Meg drove me up the hills south of Christchurch (the port hills) to Governor's Bay on the other side, and another delightful boutique eating experience looking up the harbour to the mouth, where Picton is. The place we sat in was She Chocolate, and I enjoyed a few delightful morsels there.

Monday, September 03, 2012

My studio in new flat and friend Cathy, via photo booth

Cathy and I this morning checking out the capabilities of my latest acquisition: a Macbook, which I have uploaded new CS6 software onto and am now using for all my graphic work. Should be able to take this little baby overseas with me should I go in the next few months.