Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wreck this journal continues. . .

No, this isn't snow. This is the remains of my 'compost this page' page. What a veritable gourmand of critters and rot must exist in this patch.

Helen's 50th birthday

Beloved sister Helen's 50th yesterday, and she's been showered with gifts ranging from a trip to Melbourne in July, through to bike gear, i-pods, flowers, and a lovely handmade pottery island paradise (Liam).
This is the birthday girl with Jem and Liam, and niece Magda last night.
I got in with my nieces and nephew. The older nephew was there, but harder to pin down.
Jem cooked us a meal of pizza and salad and a delicious gluten free choc cake.

Aw, and here's the cake pre candle blowing.
And post. Make a wish.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Decay and doughnuts

Great Scott! Remember that 'compost this page' blog I put up a YESTERDAY. I must have some pretty ferocious bugs in my garden. . . evidenced by the barely recognisable page I thought I'd check out in the planter outside. Here it is!
No wonder my lettuces don't do well in the same spot. Maybe once the slugs have made themselves sick on paper, they'll move on - yeah?
Hyacinths are starting to droop, but still in FULL BLOOM. Gorgeous.
And I merely talked about doughnuts with a friend at the library where I work, and the thought of them has stayed with me all week, and somehow worked its way onto the must do list. I don't recall putting them there. Anyway, I had to go past an excellent doughnut place today and sure enough, soon after, find myself at home with this in front of me. . .
maybe now the doughnuts can be wiped off the unseen list for a while. Surely. The plan was to take the doughnut in to work tomorrow and share it with fellow librarian. Then I thought, well maybe I'll just have one side of it, then she can see how it looks inside. But once cut open, heck, there's a lot of empty space above the cherry jam - see. Look closely - that's AIR. So I ate one side just to see, and felt like it was hardly anything, and so I ate the other side, and sent a picture of the doughnut to friend. A MUCH better solution all round. No sticky sugar in my bag etc etc.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

She Stoops to Conquer

Lest we forget that I still own a 'Wreck this Journal' - I tore the page which said 'compost this page' out and tucked it neatly into the trough outside the kitchen window. It is already looking like it grew there.
And it is the week that starts my sister's 50th birthday celebrations, and to kick it off we headed off to see 'She Stoops to Conquer' at the Maidment Theatre. First time in a LOOONNNNNGGG time that I have opened my purse for live theatre, and it was a wonderful occasion. I'm wearing my latest creation, and Helen has on the knitted vest that she finished earlier in the day. We ate at Elliott Stables, a wonderful lane of restaurants that open out onto cobbled courtyard in the heart of the city.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meeting of the writing group

Yep, amazingly enough four of us managed to get together on Monday to discuss our various lacks in the way of writing. It has been nearly two years since we last got together - and the others have all done better than I at keeping up the verbiage. On the strength of that, I came home last night and sweated it out over my children's story of Jasper. Will it ever be finished??

Hyacinths . . . mmmmmm

It may be AUTUMN/WINTER here, but look what I found at the garden centre when I took Mum for Mothers Day - yep Hyacinths! What is it about blue flowers? These are scented as well - a bonus. I've watched them unfold gradually on my kitchen table and now thought I'd preserve the glorious spectacle for all time on the blog.
(Deep sigh)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chinese banquets and silky tunics

11am Preparation for new garment to wear to Chinese night at Duncans - this style perhaps??

1pm Rain still coming down sporadically outside, so I sewing it is!
3pm A brief break to check out the toadstool on front lawn
6:30pm Finished garment.
7pm At Duncans, for nibbles and then this assortment of Chinese food. That's Cathy the perfect hostess
8pm Girls helping themselves
8:10pm Ditto lads
9:30pm Chinese tea ceremony expertly done by Cathy and Gordon. This was between slides of China - their recent trip
All of us in a distant shot.

The amazing tea 'flower' that emerged and opened up with hot water poured on it. Then we drank the tea.

10:30 John still telling stories
10:31 Lycees and icecream and/or berries

Monday, May 04, 2009

And sew forth. . .

Or should I call this post "And sew Fifth". . . I wonder when this wonderful urge to stitch is going to pass. It's a bit like a virus, but sew far sew good. This is a blanket type bobbly material which was hard to photograph properly. In the lower shot you see how much work is still ahead of me last night - swapping summer for winter wardrobes, and clothing spread over the bed.
BUT the new green top has been worn constantly since - even to this wonderful coffee with friend Cathy, and the reviving of an old custom of ours to meet on a fortnightly Monday. Long may it last!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

And sew on. . .

A wet day, no cycling, winter coming. . . what to do, what to do? Ah, go buy material and make a coat. Essential items once that's done; coffee, sticky bun, smelly black pen, and cartridge paper.And then the attempts to match fabric to design. I eventually went (roughly) for the coat on this sketch.
Although I inclined toward this one - which would have been much harder to construct.
but I'm happy with my 'blanket' coat - loose enough to accommodate the various garments I'll wear under it. A double button - each one made up of two buttons together, paua and painted wood. Feels comfy on too.