Sunday, April 30, 2006

Old photos

Feeling cranky about still suffering the ill effects of a cold virus, and only slightly better today. Ne'er mind. Here's a shot of my brother and I that I found, taken in our teens and attempting to look 'old fashioned'. It seems only yesterday, but hey, it's about 30 years ago. Gulp.Onwards and upwards. I'll give you updates on the toadstool progress (see previous blog). And hopefully by the time the toadstool is dying off, so will my cold.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Toadstool time

It's toadstool time out there at the moment. Lots of rain, growing cold weather, and Magda found this on our lawn. Now she's out checking for fairies. Cute.
She took these shots, and I've borrowed them for my blog. The toadstool must have taken the photo of her.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Visitors to our meeting

Wow, we just had the most amazing meeting! The visitors exceeded the normal number in the church here. Lovely group of people - about 6 adults, 5 children, 2 late teens, all Maori bar 2, came and fellowshipped with us this afternoon. They sang us a few songs in Maori, on the theme we had been talking about 'THE RIVER'!!! And the well. This photo is of Ra talking to his children.
We three sisters having to sit against the window because we were all stuffed up with colds, but that didn't stop US from talking, oh no.
Soaking it all up
This is Ra, and Mark, and Jan, and one of Ra's sisters, after the meeting when we shared where we'd all been coming from. They've been reading some of Gene's books and its shaken them up. We're just thrilled that some MAORI have taken an interest, and we all enjoyed today, sharing Christ together. It was just glorious.
This is Granny, who has had 14 children, and was so sweet, sitting next to brother Steve. And Wayne, just beyond him, who has been in prison etc, but now just wants so much of the Lord.

And this soft focus shot is of the four children (there's another one somewhere) who came in during a cup of tea, and their father calmed them down a bit. How the Boyd girls enjoyed their company!!

We've just finished having an excited natter about what a meeting it was, and how encouraging for us all, to have shared so much of Christ. AND WE DID. Hallelujah.

Just in case you think I haven't been working

I have!! I've been practicing illustrations on my new drawing board. In case you were'nt aware, I have ANOTHER blog site in which I put only my artwork, so please feel free to check it out. When I work out how to add a link to the present site, I'll put it on there.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Looking a little better today

Okay, feeling a tad better today despite having spent some of last night on some street with the traffic rushing by and a cold wind blowing down my neck, enjoying a meal with friend Meg, up from Christchurch.
Tongue at least is active, which is a great relief.
That's bed in the background which is where I've spent every OTHER waking hour.
Just watched Napoleon Dynamite on DVD, lent to me by aforementioned friend Meg, who loves it. I have been told by so many to see this movie, including SARAH, that I at last have seen it. Funny. . . could obviously do with a few viewings.
Back to some more docile activity I think.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Ah, sniff, the first winter cold

AND the last we hope. Yes, revenge of the sugar rush!! Perhaps it was overloading my fragile system with all that chocolate. . . too late I threw the last crumpled foil into the bin to join the rapidly growing pile of tissues.
Anyway, Autumn's ode for me is no longer:

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness
Close bosom friend of the setting sun


Season of sniffs and hollow coughfulness
Close bosom friend of the windy gale

Don't know why I bothered with the photo - I'm sure you'd have got the picture anyway. Perhaps in a few days when the next photo is up there, it'll look so much the better for the contrast. I live in hope.
Until then, sniff, I'm off to sneeze again.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

Okay, these photos are all in the wrong order. But - here is the day so far. It's late afternoon, I'm swamped in a sugar buzz so high that I even resorted to taking my own photo - Helen couldn't hold the camera still enough. That's her in the next shot. Those eggs no longer exist.

And then there's the one of my mother arriving from the hallway with her cluster of packages bright with cellophane and Easter eggs for the family. How our eyes LIT UP.
ANd finally there's the photo of the meeting of the church this morning. We've already devoured the hot cross buns, sung some songs, had some coffee, shared some pretty meaningful things, and now we're working our way through a bowl of small chocolate eggs, and Jan is checking her daugher's hair for lice!! Ha ha. Church life, aye? Oh, and catch the single brother doing the dishes, bless him. We're in Tracey's house.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Into THIS dark
THIS sightless void
THIS formless cavern
Bereft and bare
Through crusted layers
of self-made shields
heartless ambitions
driven by greed

Into THIS space
His broken body was placed

A sigh
A word
A soft light glowing
A gentle whispering breeze is flowing
stirring, crumbling
rocks are tumbling
the entrance cracks from side to side
and through the fissure
rides the tide


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Latest project

Just for a change from the old blog, here's my magazine cover for a recent assignment. I called my magazine WEST, after the district in Auckland I live, and my articles are all about wine, the train trip, orchards, the Lopdell House art gallery, and coffee. Hence the silver tray and articles on it.
That, of course, is Jemma my niece on the front. Whew, the assignment is in.