Monday, September 12, 2005

Tr ip to the zoo

Yes, what you see is MOST of the church in TE Atatu, Auckland on a trip to the zoo last Saturday. The Trasses couldn't be there, nor could Tracey, but ALL the rest of us are under the elephant. And yes, we do have the real elephants, but things have become so pc these days, that you need binoculars to see them. Hee hee. Gone are the days of small cages and various mentally unhealthy animals - thank GOD.
We had a great time, four hours in all, wandering around and investigating wild beasts. The kookaburra was the most interesting, and had a mouse in its beak, but still managed to 'laugh'.
Warn out and needed a wee rest when we got back.
Wish you could have been there, anyone reading this!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Jan's birthday

Whew it's high time I got a new picture that actually works in here. THis was taken an hour ago at my sister's place after a surprise party for Jan, who turned 40 today. Jemma is taking the photo. That's Lorna, me, Jan, Helen and Tracey at the table - the entire sisterhood of Auckland, NZ. After singing the lovely song "I breathed out love and made this day for you" to Jan, she opened her presents, and we had a cup of tea in bone china teacups, and the cake, which is a prune and pumpkin cake (don't imagine you AMericans would like the sound of it, but it was delicious!)
The conversation, after festivities, was all about New Orleans, and the paper this morning was covered in photos, and so we ended on a grim note, but nevertheless, HE is LIFE.