Monday, January 28, 2008

Summery high points of January

These are the last three days of the long Auckland Anniversary weekend. We have been enjoying some unusually gorgeous weather, and making the most of it.
On Saturday, Helen and I headed out to the wild west coast, 25 mins from home, to the black iron sand beach of Piha for a swim.
It wasn't bad. And considering the day, and the rolling aqua surf, it wasn't too busy either.
I had to take this photo of a child I passed on the way - typical of any who play in the black sand, and pretty much how I remember looking myself at the same age, at Raglan further down the coast.
Sunday, the church met in the afternoon at Helen's. Nice thing about her place is that you can open up the concertina doors and feel like you're outside.
and today, it was Mum's 79th birthday and she wanted a picnic, so we went out along the scenic drive, only 30 mins away, into the Waitakere Ranges, to a historic homestead that houses a cute antique store. WHAT a view from the front lawn.
That's Auckland city directly ahead, with Rangitoto Island in the harbour.
We availed ourselves of the picnic table and umbrella and enjoyed a thermos of tea and lashings of ginger beer.
Happy Birthday Mum.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chocoholics Dream

Oh yeah, that's all I need, a new client who makes rows and rows of gourmet chocolate and insists on me taking a cellophane bag of them away with me each time I visit.
Watch this space - er, should I say - watch this waist!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A pleasant summer Saturday

Trace and I went out to Helensville for a picnic today, enjoying a baking hot day and NOT wanting to sit on the black sand of a West Coast beach. Enjoyed a coffee at this quaint little cafe in Coatesville.
THEN. . .
I finally caught up with the Duncans after they returned from the holiday I would normally have gone on with them - to Lake Rotoiti. We had a lovely meal at Art Ducko on the North Shore, facing out to a blustery East ocean. I ate Duck too, just in keeping with the theme. They were tired by happy, and had enjoyed the time by themselves on holiday but hopeful of doing it with others next summer. Me too! They also very generously gave me some money toward my expenses in light of the break in on the 31 Dec. WHAT FRIENDS! I am greatly humbled by them. God bless them every one!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Back on Deck. . .

Will you look at that little baby! Yep, my 'new' secondhand Mac, and flash 22" screen, and at last, I'm up and running again. Very happy about that.
Still applying for jobs, though, just to get myself more financially stable, but if I don't get one, at least I can keep plodding along.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pre-burglary holiday

Ah, yes, I DO remember I had a holiday BEFORE the disaster. It's good to remember that now. Here's Helen and I down at Waihi beach enjoying a latte at a local cafe. How happy and relaxed I look secure in the knowledge that the office was safe!
I love this particular view of our beach. Ever since I was small, this dip in the sand dune as you crest the ridge and see the sea before you and Mair Island in the far distant sea has caused a wave of excitement and liberty to well up inside me.
Eternity has a window here. . .
On New Year's Eve, Helen and I stayed up to hear the lone piper playing Auld Lang Syne on the beach, and see the fireworks, and toast in the New Year. Meanwhile, at this very moment, back at Yeovil Road, Te Atatu. . .
Pyjamas all day if you want to.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy? New Year. . .

Well, it's an interesting way to start the New Year, and my feeling is that if my back is to the wall, I can only move forward, right?
Came home early from holiday today because was told that we had been burgled. That was some long trip home. Indeed, my Mac computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse, gone. Will have to look at getting a job.
And a message on answerphone that dear friend Linda in Canada has finally passed on to be with the Lord after a year's dealing with cancer.
One BIG mercy in all of this is that the necklet she gave me was not among the jewellery taken. I'm wearing it now.