Monday, January 19, 2009

Rotoiti January 09

I need to add some comments to these photos - here goes. This is the day I arrived to join Cathy and Gordon at Lake Rotoiti for a few days. It stormed shortly after this photo was taken but we were determined to LOOK as if we were enjoying the outdoors on my first night there.
The next night it was all peaceful and calm from the doors of the bach.
In the morning, we arranged ourselves, for a laugh, in this disparate grouping. Nice to play at silly things when on holiday.
Had a walk from the end of the road into the bush, and some kind hiker took this photo of us all. Peter had joined us as well, a few hours after me.
Love this shot of Gordon leaping off the end of the boat Cathy has just rowed out in. No, the boat didn't sink, but sure looks like it.
I had a go too.
We dragged the table out to the edge of the waterline and had dinner here one night. Windy but great fun.
Same night different angle.
The other angle. . .
And a closeup.
Off on a hike.
This is the river that flows from the bottom of Lake Tarawera. Gorgeous water, and the river itself disappears and reappears often.
At the final destination of the walk, the river gushes from the rock face. Gord and Cathy pose in foreground.
Lunch outside on the back deck, to avoid the wind over the lake.
Last hour together, spent at Rotorua in a cafe called 'Abracadabra'.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year 2009

And a Happy New Year to you all! This is New Year's Eve for Helen and I down at the family bach at Waihi beach. Awaiting the last few hours of 2008 to pass, and (below) enjoying a meal at a local restaurant.
. . . and the inevitable cycling we spent much of our time doing. This is the cafe we got to on our second day.
beautiful Waihi beach, and the swims we had in that rolling clear surf. Very refreshing after a bike ride!
Stopping for coffee at the local aerodrome.
Lolling on the lawn beside the inlet between Bowentown and Athenree.