Thursday, January 26, 2006

Brown paper pictures

Don't you love brown paper? I do! And I came across a great kid's book the other day which used solely brown paper for illustrations. So I've tried my hand at it over a cup of tea and this is the result. More practice needed, but oh what fun. So, reach out, tip the pot. . .
Choose your mug/cup. . . add your sugar. . . and join me in a cuppa.

Friday, January 13, 2006

More pics from the holiday

This is the first night at Lake Rotoiti, with just five of us, and oh joy, FISH and CHIPS for dinner. We got these from the local dairy, where two older ladies served and made the chips - it took ages, because she did each order separately, but hey, they were delish.
When I finally got to Te Awamutu and Peter's place, I plunged headlong into this pool which I believe was rarely used despite it's alluring appearance.
A view from the top paddock about the Graydon homestead. Mt Pirongia in the distance. The horizon line was pretty much like this all the way around. Amazing. Not a highrise in sight.
And here is the new owner/manager of Ngaroto Nurseries, looking like he'd rather be elbow deep in the dirt. He was soon enough but it's proof I was there.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Back from holiday!

All the photos are out of order, going from last activity to first, but here is Ngaroto Nurseries, where Peter now lives, and which he owns. I stayed the night, had two swims in the pool, and enjoyed the beautiful rural setting of this lovely place.
Here's Lake Rotoiti, which Helen, Cath and I swam in even if the boys didn't. It is a fresh water lake, by Rotorua, and this is pretty much at the door of the bach.
This is the six of us, and what a great bunch we were too. On a bush walk that went from the end of the beach into the bush. Lovely.
Our only night out to dinner at Rotorua, and only moments before Gene was too sick to stay at the table any longer poor man. Check out that expression.
Helen and I had two days at the family bach in Waihi before meeting the others at Rotoiti. This is our breakfast. Aint my sister sweet? Pippi Longstocking.