Sunday, June 25, 2006

What a weekend

Okay, finished the course on Friday and had drinkies with classmates before going to movies with Peter and the Duncans. Then on Sat morning went up to the Kauri Gumstore cafe to show Peter where it is, and we had a great time on a crisp sunny winter morning enjoying the ambience of this place.
Lovely Louise Cake and latte's and hot chocolate.
Then shopping at Pak n Save and lunch at Catherine Gardner's place with her sister, Anne, up from Oamaru. We sampled her new sandwich maker and enjoyed the excitement of eating to the sound of two smoke alarms simultaneously going off. Hee hee.
THen an evening dinner party at my home, which Peter was responsible for cooking for, and we all dressed as paupers, (except those who thought they were paupers dressing up!) and enjoyed French Onion soup, croutons, followed by beef and olive casserole and mashed potatoes and mashed parsnips and carrots, and then a huge steaming pudding with custard. YUM.
The fire was going, the candles all lit the place in a serene light, and the laughter barely stopped.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mini-conference with Nick and Jen

Oh dear, these photos are all a bit mixed around. The sisters all went out with Jen Vasiliades this afternoon before their meeting, and we shopped at an outlet store block and then off up to the Kauri Gumstore cafe for coffee. This is us THERE>
Two angles so that you can appreciate the lovely scarves that Jen, Lorna and Jenny are wearing, that Lorna's friend knitted.
ER, the photo that is out of place. It's a portion of the meeting this evening with ROger who came down from the North for the meeting, talking to Nick, and Lorna talking to niece Magda.
And back to the Kauri Gumstore for the sight of the food!
. . . and Jen V outside
. . . and the actual sisters' meeting with us all moving our legs in swift motion simultaneously. A feat we are rather proud of. Poor Nick.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dissertation night

Yep, it's finally happened! We had our exhibition of our dissertations at a gallery in St Paul's St last night, with wine (in polystyrene) and nibbles. Very nice event with a chance for fellow students and I to relax and read each other's work and to invite family and friends to see our work.
Here's my friend Catherine Gardner and I hovering over a disseration on Vodka!
And this was my entire contingent: Niece Magda, Catherine, Helen and niece Jem.
The gallery and the tables spread with our work.
LAST weekend, my sister-in-law (and Magda's Mum) was here and we celebrated with a meal she put on!! on Helen's place. That's Mum and Jem with Magda and Lizzie.
The family gathered around the table. Great food. Great company.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Inklings website uploaded and nearly there. . .

Just thought you should know that the Inklings website is nearly finished and you can see it now on the link to the right!!
If you click on the return to Designershome button on each page you will be taken back to our as yet uncompleted class website. Don't get stuck there!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Friend in the class took photos of us all in black and white. I quite liked this one, so it'll be on my website. Watch out for which WILL happen one day soon. At the moment working on the class website, and being 'Webmaster' (read 'whipmaster') I am pretty pleased that I was able to upload SOMETHING to start with. See and keep an eye on the space. That's where all the class projects and profiles will happen soon.
Until then. . .