Monday, November 25, 2013

In hopes of a leaner frame and a larger outlook

I had not realised my weight had been gradually going up until a visit to the doctor's recently confirmed what my clothes had been trying to tell me for a while. I must admit, I shed a few tears in frustration whilst talking with my medic, because of the hopelessness of it all. Then I was encouraged (once more) by friend Jan to try to 5:2 diet she and Mark have been on for a year which I have scorned. The word 'fasting' sets off something deep inside me. When my sister also suggested it at lunch the same day, I finally folded.
I must say, it is not anywhere near as bad as I had feared. After three weeks I have lost 3 kgs, which is much too fast, but I expect it will go up slightly at the next weigh in. I have chosen Monday and Thursday as the day to have less than 500 calories, and in two meals. Surprisingly NOT like the fasts of old. I have a boiled egg usually, for breakfast, along with a cup of blueberries or strawberries. Then a couple of black coffees keep the pangs at bay along with some herb teas such as the one above. I think the ritual of the coffee/tea break can be enhanced by the clever use of keeping a nice receptacle for sipping, and enjoying it all slowly.
Since I work from home, it helps that when the hunger pangs set in around mid afternoon, I can either take a walk, or take a nap, and then it's not long before dinnertime, and a very light meal of salad and salmon or something. Watch this (increasing) space.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christchurch visit to see some saints

 Four of us went down to Christchurch last weekend to see the three saints who had come up to our conference, and with whom we've been sharing the Lord. David and Nicole, are on the left of this pic, along with Yusty, whom we just met in person, and whose house we are in for lunch. (I stayed with her)
 Saturday night was spent at this home for dinner and a meeting to follow - this is Sharon and Eddie's house.
 In the morning on Sunday we went to Mark and Karen's place and met up with a different group, and I shared my story with them.
 Lunch and lots of chatting, before being whisked off to the airport by 1pm.
 Below: lovely faces of those we went to see.