Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Settlers of Catan

 Okay, so this is how silly we have gotten. . . We decided to start playing board games on the first Friday of every month, and I brought home the game The Settlers of Catan, just because it had been such fun in Bournemouth. Well, one game behind us and we all had such a good time, we had another go last night. Prior to that we'd all decided on some rather silly names for ourselves. See below. The Slater of Catan won last night's game.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Let's have a savoury scone with that. . .

 Cold wet Friday, and I'm tapping away on transcriptions here in the tiny office at home. Come 10am what is better to do that to roll out the basin, turn on the oven, and make some of those savoury scones Cathy and I enjoy on our morning teas up at Riverhead.
This recipe I made up with the base from the Edmonds book. Three cups of flour (one of mine was wholemeal), 3 heaped tsps baking powder, half cup cream, salt, sprinkle of dill/rosemary, pepper, cup of grated cheese, some parmesan, chopped up gerkins/dried tomatoes/leek. Came out really well.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Getting the background and characters right

 Spent a wee bit of time this arvo perfecting the art of making a bonnet - in readiness for the Writer's Weekend starting tomorrow, and Sat night when I have to BE one of the characters from my own novel. In this case, I'm writing about 1860 New Zealand during the gold rush. Sheesh, talk about making it hard for myself.