Sunday, February 26, 2006

Little brother arrives for 2 weeks from States

I know, his eyes are still half open, but he's HERE in person, and that's his delightful daughter beside him, thrilled to have him here for a while. We all are.
This was a curry, cooked by Phil, on the verandah at Helen's place. Balmy evening, lots of laughs and you can never tell I've just moved house, and started my studies again. Can you?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My two beloved nieces

Aren't they cute?!! Oh to be 18 again. That's Magda on the left and Jemma on the right, two cousins who live across the street from each other now, about to head into Auckland University and organise their ID cards and check out the bus route etc. I am SO enjoying the lingo, the style, the sheer sweetness of these two charmers. They are darlings, but I'm biased!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Okay, I admit it - I LOVE Valentine's Day. Not because I am used to getting a lot of Valentines, but hey, ANY day that we are reminded to let people know that we love them has got to be good. It's a shame it is only one day a year. . . but then, occasionally I remember to tell folks they are right here in my heart, and I'm going to do it TODAY! YOU know who you are!! So there. . .have a Valentine from me. LOVE JEN

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Back from an idyll of serenity

Oh my, I'm going to have to refer back to this blog page myself in the next few months to remind myself that I was actually HERE. This is at Peter's place in Te Awamutu, where I spent a wonderful three days, just lounging around, swimming, walking, sipping, and reading. Sigh. The calm before the storm! HOW I LOVE THE COUNTRY!! I really didn't want to come back and face my life again, but I'm here.
This was the evening view from the house. With Mt Pirongia in the distance. The colours are not as intense as they were in real life. Ah me.
This was my favourite spot for the weekend. AFTER a number of swims in the pool, I would end up here with a drink and a book. Envy me? I do. It was wonderful.
AND here I will be in two weeks. At no. 58 Yeovil Rd, Te Atatu. Don't miss the seal on the porch. My room is the one with curtains, and the huge lounge is the one on the right without. Looking forward to finally being here, but hey, I'd better start packing!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

My, but my wheels are turning!

This is just a word blog, no pics, for those of you who know me and check it out sometimes.
I found out a week ago that the landlord is putting house on the market. Deep breath. I'm doing an intensive one year course in COmputer Publishing and Design, and it is about to start again on Feb 20 until May. No time for part-time work or anything. Gulp. Then this weekend we found out that the nice brick house on the corner of the street is up for rent, and yes, they said we could have it. So in two weeks we are moving in there!! Considering there aren't that many houses on the street, it is a miracle! Steve Sing and I will be moving into 58 Yeovil Rd, Te Atatu Peninsula on the 19th Feb. Make a note.
Thank the LORD.