Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ashley heads to his school ball

Ashley's last year at school, so he's headed off to the school ball tonight, taking some of his friends in his car, and sorting out an outfit to wear. We think he brushed up rather well.
Grandma phoned to wish him well . . .
caught at the door before heading out to put on shoes. . .
and just about to leave. What a handsome lad.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Squally weekend

Here are my dear nephew and niece on the day she is heading down to Rotorua for two weeks. Ash is going to drive her to the bus stop, and she has been ready for hours! She can't wait to see IAN who is waiting at the other end.
. . . and took a rare chance to have a photo with Ashley!
Ash is in his car, and his Mum is having some final words with the two of them. . . sniff, where did those 'babes in the wood' go? Only yesterday they were needing to sit in bumper seats in the back!
Farewells with Mum and Daughter.
. . . and they're off.
THEN Helen and I went walking in the Waitakeres, with the customary chicken soup in a thermos.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Farmers Market, Matakana

It was a glorious crisp winter day today, so I set off early from Auckland for the one hour drive North to Warkworth, and then out to Matakana Farmers Market. I visited a friend from my design course who lives here with her husband, and my good friend GENE. Here he is on the balcony of his Snells Beach home with flatmate and I for lunch.
Gene attempting to make the cupboard door knob his eye.
The Matakana Farmers Market was wonderful. I'm heading down the hill towards it here. . .
Fresh Puhoi cheeses. . .
Rows of pretty stalls with red and white canopies. . .

Duck all ready for cooking/serving.

Bought a bag of these mandarins. . .
the jazz players were going in the background most of the time
and across the road, the antique and second hand market was in full swing. Bought a lovely paua necklace here.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I have new paintings. . .

What do you think?? Check them out here or on side link. "You know you want to!"

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Queen's Birthday Weekend in the Waikato

Well, another lovely four days spent down at the Nursery. Here's the crisp clean view from the main living room window. What a pleasant relief from the usual rows of house roofs.
Every morning there was a fog except for this morning. . . still, it made for great photography

. . . Peter was his usual self - here he is with a cup of tea AND cup of coffee, after they overlapped in his slowness in sipping.
I enjoyed roaming the Nursery gardens again and taking photos.

On Sunday Peter and I went bushwalking - through pretty drippy, dense bush too.
the flavour of the season is MUSHROOM and TOADSTOOL. These are just some of them:

unbelievable aren't they? These are lattice-like basket toadstools on the side garden at the house.
Peter drove my new car - I'm sure Dad would be pleased to see this photo!
and we'll finish with the lunch we had after the bush walk at Pirongia.