Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Foggy Mornings and friends

Outside my studio window the tree has changed colour at last, and this morning there is a dense mist shrouding all the familiar objects (this photo taken a couple of days ago). Winter well and truly on its way.
Last Saturday night we relived the Otago Rail Trail, and John brought his projector to beam the photos up against the wall of the lounge. BBQ beforehand and plenty of laughs.
The Boyds came for most of it - here's Jan and I on the small seater.
And Sunday morning we skyped Nick, who shared more from Gene's book with us.
. . .in the afternoon, Jan, Helen and I went for a wander around Herne Bay while my bike was fixed.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Toadstool Time Again. . .

What's happening these days? Glass budgies, deconstructed clothing, and 'shrooms. Check it all out. . .
Deeeeelicious glass budgies all over the wall of the newest cafe in the Peninsula - 'Luscious'. And these birds are just that.
Jan and I did a bit of catching up over coffee recently, which was all good. I wore my latest deconstructed garment - what once had been a men's shirt, and now is a (stylish?) waistcoat. Well, I think so anyway.
And all over the ground outside our house, is my favourite item of this particular time of the year, yes, you have it - 'shrooms. Or to be more precise: toadstools. These little beauties sprang up a week ago and were gone again overnight, and the red ones have started appearing on the front lawn. So very 'Alice in Wonderland' of them.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cathy and I get a weekend away at Warkworth

Cathy and I got a rare weekend away together, just to enjoy some girlie time - DVDs, lots of chatting, coffee, movies, markets. If only it had been a week! Cathy found this cute self-contained cottage 15 mins north of Warkworth - up a long dirt road, and down a steep rutted track, but so worth it. Had to find out how to turn on the power - solar heating panels in foreground there, and some gas help to build up necessary voltage and be stored in container inside.
Worm farm attached to the flush toilet - water in tank - gas stove top. Once we'd worked it all out it was easy and fun.
Couldn't get over how utterly dark it was at night - couldn't see my hand in front of my face in bed - and in the morning, the birdsong was glorious.
View from our bedroom (below).

The little bridge had solar powered fairy lights on it that lit up in the evening.
Cup of tea and toast in bed in the morning.
My bed. . .
Matakana market was great - the crowds not too bad, and now I know where all the English go in the weekend.
Still in our pyjamas in the front of the cottage.
Yes, we did do a bit of paddling around the lake.

Fresh smoked salmon on toast - from the Matakana market.
Movie at the Matakana cinema.
And to round it all off - High Tea at Brookfields Tea House - delicious. A brew of 'Girly Grey' suited us perfectly.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A trip to town by bus for great nephews and their Mum

Nicola texted me at work yesterday, and I just had time to come and get her and the boys outside Borders and take them for the first time to the Auckland Public Library.
They dove straight into the books, and crayons.
Dion LOVES books!
and Cohen just loves anything he can zip around, and throw himself on to, or play with.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthdays this last week

It has been a week for birthdays. Here's Catherine, on Friday, enjoying a meal with me in Elliot Stables, at the French Creperie before we went to IMAX to see Alice.
On Monday night, I'd had Robin and Rob Hannah out for dinner, which was a roast chicken followed by croissant and cream pudding.
And Megan is up from Christchurch at the moment, and her birthday is TODAY. It was great to catch up with her last night.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Autumnal Amblings

The air is crisp and clean, the path darker until the dazzling sun hits you in the eye as you round the curve of path by the harbour. Yes, it's that season again. For the first time I wore long sleeves and needed to.

. . .and over Easter, Jemma came up from Rotorua, and we all shared a few of these treats around. I still have some turning up unexpectedly in bags in my wardrobe.